Emoji Art and Design Show


Melee Media teamed up with Eyebeam Art+Technology Center and Forced Meme Productions to help produce The Emoji Art and Design Show, the first of its kind. Recognizing the dominant presence of emojis as an instrumental part of our digital language, we wanted to explore the wide variety of ways emojis can be used as expressive symbols.

After collecting hundreds of artworks through an open call, our committee’s curation efforts, led by Zoe Salditch and Julia Kaganskiy, resulted in 24 amazing pieces created by 31 artists. Mediums ranged from sculptural works, to performance art, to projection media. Guests got lost in Matthew Rothenberg’s Emoji Tracker, a projected sea of emojis and their usage ranked in real time. There was Emoji Dick, a full on emoji-translation of Herman Melville’s epic novel. And in Shift Key Maya Ben-Ezer replaced letters with emojis on an antique typewriter.

The event featured several panel discussions, including “I Have No Words: Emoji And The Visual Venacular”, moderated by Lindsey Weber, editor of New York Magazine‘s Vulture.

Finally, throughout the run of the Emoji Art & Design show, select designers sold their emoji-inspired products in a Pop-Up Market in the Eyebeam Bookstore. Featured products included Unofficial Breaking Bag Emoji Mugs (http://www.bbmugs.com) and the To.be custom emoji t-shirt studio.

Maya Ben-Ezer’s Shift Key

Maya Ben-Ezer’s Shift Key

Jeanette Hayes' Lichtensteinoji

Jeanette Hayes’ Lichtensteinoji

Lisa Nelson's Praisin

Lisa Nelson’s Praisin

Matthew Rothenberg's Emoji Tracker

Matthew Rothenberg’s Emoji Tracker

Panel discussion

Panel discussion



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